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A Guide to Keeping Community Amid the Pandemic

Download A Guide to Keeping Community Amid the Pandemic. We've been sent back to a very ancient way of doing church: the household. We are slowed. We are limited in contact with the wider gathering, but that should not limit community with God and with others. We could come out of this closer to Him and to one another. We could come out of this with new passion, fer...

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The Mission of Jesus in Homes

Place matters. A person and a people's story is impossible to understand apart from their place of origin and life lived in a place. They learn their way in a place, they show their way in a place, and they make decisions to be in a place. We see this in the Lord Jesus Christ. He himself was like us in every respect (Hebrews 2) including His attachment to and choice of pla...

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The "Why" Behind Small Groups

Why do we do groups? Why does any church have some type of smaller group context? Even if your church does not have a formalized pathway for this, I can almost guarantee you that it is happening in some informal sense. We do groups because we've always done them. As the church of Jesus Christ, We have 2,000 years of God's people leaving large teaching gatherings going int...

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