A Guide to Keeping Community Amid the Pandemic

Download A Guide to Keeping Community Amid the Pandemic.

We’ve been sent back to a very ancient way of doing church: the household. We are slowed. We are limited in contact with the wider gathering, but that should not limit community with God and with others. We could come out of this closer to Him and to one another. We could come out of this with new passion, fervor, connections, and tools to share the gospel, together.

The church tends to be at her best when we are forced to innovate. To slow down. To see what matters most. God is showing us the essentials of “church” in this pandemic. We have the opportunity as those leading the priesthood of believers to press in more than ever before. We will be wise. We will have conversations we would never have had before. The Lord is very much on the move in our midst.

This guide is a beginning consideration toward how we will keep (and grow) the community of saints amid the pandemic. Right now is the time where Groups discipleship ministry becomes most important. The Church of Jesus Christ is the hope for the community in these days.

The Village Church Groups Team

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