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We are made for community. Deep within the heart of people is a longing to both know others and be known by them, and groups ministry has the opportunity to meet these needs in every church.

Groups are an art, not a science. There’s no one-size-fits-all formula for designing transformational groups that God uses to mold people into the image of Christ together. 

There are dozens of variables and unknowns in the work of groups, but we believe the following is true:

  • There is no lasting transformation in a person without another person or persons.
  • The less relational your church is, the less transformational your church will be.
  • The people in your group are a partial inheritance from the Lord right now.
  • Groups exist for community with God and one another.
  • So goes groups, so goes the church. So goes the church, so goes groups.

shutterstock_454949107Groups, at their core, embody the call to love one another found sixty times throughout the New Testament. This book is for people who love the possibilities of groups. And for those who want to.




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About the Authors

jaredDr. Jared Musgrove is the co-founder of the Community Leadership Collective. He serves as an executive pastor and elder at The Well Community Church in Argyle, TX , and as director of leadership for Beta Upsilon Chi, the nation’s largest Christian fraternity. He earned degrees in journalism, theology, and his doctorate in executive leadership.

justinJustin Elafros is the Groups Pastor at The Village Church in Flower Mound, TX, and is the co-founder of the Community Leadership Collective. He earned his B.A. from Moody Bible Institute and his M.A. in ministry from Cedarville University. He has dedicated his adult life to ministry leadership, mentoring, and disciple making.



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