We believe in facing your leadership challenges head on. Your intensive involves a two-day process to name your leadership challenges and face them with the fullness of who Christ has made you to be.

A personal approach

In this two-day, one-on-one, personalized intensive for male pastors, Jared utilizes his years of experience in men’s ministry, pastoral leadership, community groups, personal prayer ministry, and spiritual direction to invite fellow pastors into a place of integration, clarity, and courage in regard to their personal, pastoral, and practical ministry challenges.

Areas of focus

We will consider and activate the leader’s story, relationships of trust, talents, spiritual gifts, and strategy to apply their unique skills and divine placement to the current community leadership challenges. (Pre-meeting assessments will be sent to determine areas of focus for the in-person sessions.)


The in-person intensive takes place in Flower Mound, TX over the course of two weekdays—starting each day at 9:00a and concluding at 5:00p. Participants are responsible for their own travel and accommodations. There will be three follow-up calls after completion of the intensive. The cost of the intensive is $800, and payment is collected in full prior to the beginning of the in-person sessions.

Dates and communication

Participants will email Jared to establish the dates for their intensive. Pre-work will be sent and completed prior to the in-person sessions.